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Sometimes Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

December 2019 - Fun making the decorations and dressing the tree

The village Christmas tree festival has proved to be very successful.
There were trees from all of the activity groups in the village. This of course meant that our members had to get involved.
It's a magnificent way of bringing the village together in the spirit of community. At the same time fun was had both making the decor.
The theme for the tree was "Angels from the realms of glory". This meant a tremendous proliferation of angels.
All shapes and sizes but all greatfully received. What shall we set our sights on next?

Christmas Angels
13th March 2019 – Afternoon Tea

18 members gathered at The Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester on a windy March afternoon to indulge in a delicious tea.
Thankfully we had booked space inside because I don’t think the cakes would have stayed long on the plates in the orchard
for the wrong reason! It was great to see such a large turnout of members, it is always niceto get together and just be sociable.

Everyone enjoyed the food, and there was lots of it, in many cases too much and so plenty were seen leaving with leftovers
safely in boxes and bags for having at a later date.

22nd January 2019 – Axe & Compasses, Arkesden

11 members gathered at the local village of Arkesden for lunch at their pub the Axe & Compasses. There were lots of tasty options available and everyone enjoyed their choices,
but wisely left room for pudding from the amazing sweet trolley! It was a fun afternoon, lots of great conversation and chatter and quite a bit of banter with the waiters.
This all resulted in the time flying by far too quickly, hopefully we can do it all again soon.

Coronation Anniversary Tea