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A Brief History of
Heydon and Great Chishill Womens' Institute

The Formation Meeting was held on Friday December 10th 1953 at 7.30pm at Heydon School.
The Advisors from the Cambridge Federation were Mrs Bird, Mrs Hall and Mrs Mitchell.
The first meeting was held on February 15th 1954 with 28 members.
Mrs Betty Hards President and Mrs Burrows Vice-President,
Winnie Norris, Mary Drury and Florrie Rule were among the original members
and both Winnie and Florrie were able to join us for our 50th Birthday celebrations.
On May 17th 1954 a letter was received from Lady Brunner,
Chairman of the National Federation of WI's, welcoming Heydon as the 8,180 institute.

Due to the closure of Heydon School, the meetings were transferred to the Old Village Hall in September 1967.
By February 1980, the Old Village Hall had deteriorated to such a state that meetings were transferred to the
United Reform Church Hall. In June 1983 meetings were transferred again to the New Village Hall,
where they have remained ever since.

The Golden Hornet Crab Apple tree on the green opposite Heydon Church
was planted on March 28th 1965 by Cambridge County Chairman Miss Philips
to mark the WI Golden Jubilee.

Golden Hornet Crab Apple

Taken from Great and Little Chishill - A Tale of Two Villages
by Lorna E A Prior with the kind permission of Ken Prior