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Special Events

14 August -Wine and Cheese Lunch

On a wet August day 14 ladies sat down to lunch in the home of one of our members. It had been intended to overspill into the garden,
but no too wet so garden chairs came inside. Cosy surroundings, food and friendly chat made for a good fund-raising event.

8th August 2019 – Village of Westminster and the River Thames

Ann and Jules took the opportunity to join a guided tour around central London arranged by CFWI with the excellent Andrew Davies who has guided the WI
through a number of these tours before.

The day started and ended at Tate Britain which has a convenient coach stop just outside, an excellent café for refreshments and plenty of art to see
as well. The art however was not the intention of the day so after a brief stop to freshen up we were off on our walk, covering just under 5 miles.
The sun was shining which made it a good day for wandering outside.

We headed straight for the river and looked at the skyline, taking in old and new buildings, the new American Embassy and surrounding apartments blocks
being the most modern but almost shoulder to shoulder with Lambeth Palace and the Garden Museum. Andrew cannot only tell you about these buildings today
but also their history and changes over the years. Continuing to wander down Millbank we headed into Victoria Tower Gardens and spent some time looking
at the Buxton Memorial Fountain before heading into Smith’s Square and the political offices and mews housing, which are very convenient for Parliament.
We saw Westminster School, which has stood within the grounds of Westminster Abbey for centuries, continuing on around to the House of Commons and up
past the Abbey by which time we had a lunch stop, most using the café in Central Hall Westminster.

After lunch the tour continued; we looked at the carving on the front of The Supreme Court which had originally been the Middlesex Guildhall and the
statues in Parliament Square including the newest (and only female) Millicent Garrett Fawcett before winding our way back through the black and white
social housing designed by Lutyens and built in the late 1920’s. It was then just a little further and we were at the back of Tate Britain and our day
was over.

20th July 2019 – Cambridge Federation Centenary Dinner, Girton

On a summers evening 5 of our members and 2 guests headed to Girton College, Cambridge for a celebratory dinner to mark the milestone birthday of the
Cambridge Federation.Members from all over the county turned out in their finery for this long-planned event.

There was mingling and drinks upon arrival in The Fellows Room which also allowed time to buy the obligatory raffle tickets for the draw at the end of
the evening. This also gave the chance for people to catch up with friends from different institutes and the doors were open for guests to mingle on the
terrace which was also a little cooler on such a warm night.

At just after 7pm guests were called through to the main hall so they could be seated in time for the 7.30pm serving of dinner. We found our way to our
allotted seats on the long tables and settled down for a sumptuous meal. There was much chatter and photo taking all around the hall and once everyone had
found their seats and settled what else but a rousing rendition of Jerusalem was sung to get everyone in the right mood (although it did seem a little high
for most people to manage). A delicious 3 course dinner was served which everyone enjoyed, there was a band playing music throughout the evening and after
dinner they led us in singing Happy Birthday!

There was a short speech by our Chairman Sally Kingman then onto the raffle in which Eileen was a lucky winner, when we had almost given up hope of any of us
getting a prize. All too quickly the evening ended and it was time to depart to our awaiting taxi in the car park. It was such a good evening that we hope
they don’t wait another 100 years before arranging another!

4th June 2019 – Curtain Up and Supper

Liz, Gillian, Ann, Elizabeth and Jules had an enjoyable evening when they headed off to Barton Village Hall for the annual Federation Players Extravaganza!

The evening started with a tasty country chicken casserole. Following this the players entertained us with their production ‘Bus Stop’ which amused with humorous
conversations between ladies waiting for a bus, everyone seemed to be able to relate to this quite a bit. We were then treated to cheesecake before rounding the
evening off with ‘Leisure and Pleasure' anecdotes on everyday life from the male and female perspective, some of which were very funny.

Freemasons’ Hall and lunch –21st March 2019

It seemed a rare opportunity to explore Freemasons’ Hall in London so 7 members took advantage of this CFWI trip. Following the full coach to London, driven excellently
by Ted, we arrived in Covent Garden and entered the amazing Art Deco building that was built as a memorial to the 3,000 masonic members killed during World War 1.

We had a chance to explore their museum and then had a tour into Grand Temple with a guide who explained the layout of the room, the meaning behind a lot of the
symbolism and an overview of who might use the room. The building is often used as a filming location due to it’s grandeur and a crew was there during our visit
to prove this. Being a Society of Secrets there was no detail exposed of the private part of their ceremonies which seemed to disappoint some people on the tour.
We were given the chance to ask some of those burning questions we had always wanted answering, some of which remain a mystery…..

We then headed for lunch just around the corner and finished the day with a Blue Badge tour around Covent Garden with our guide pointing out some often missed alleyways and corners

Freemasons Hall

The Royal Opera House and Around Covent Garden

A Thankyou for the Macmillam Coffee Morning held in September

It’s not every day your WI President gets married!

Congratulations Angela and Clive for your special event which took place on 24 May 2018 and was kept secret from everyone until 23 June 2018!

Yes the Cake was delicious!

17 May Curtain Up and Supper

Angela, Dot, Eileen and Liz had a very enjoyable evening at Barton Village Hall seeing ‘The Proof of the Pudding’ and ‘The Untold Story’ Presented by The Federation Players.
After enjoying a supper of Quiche with very tasty Salads followed by Fruit Gateaux and Cream we settled down to watch the two amusing plays.
Sadly, this was probably their last performance as they are having difficulty in recruiting new members not only to perform but also for ‘behind the scenes’ assistance.

04 May – Acrylic Painting Day School – with Teresa Gabriel

Teresa Gabriel demonstrated how Acrylic Paint can be used opaquely, in a transparent watercolour style, in a thick impasto style normally associated with oils
and by applying Gesso to the paper giving a textured surface. We then proceeded to paint a Sunflower in 4 different sections to reflect the style being used.
Not sure if the finished paintings could rival Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’!

10 Pin Bowling

A group of ten met up in the bowling alley at Cambridge Leisure Centre on Tuesday 1st May.
“Half price Tuesday” meant that we paid for games and drinks at a reduced rate.
Finely -honed athletes, we were raring to go!
Everything is automated so there was none of the complicated calculation on tiny score cards we
remembered from out teenage years. We divided into two teams and played two
games against each other, with honours even at a win each.
We demonstrated a range of bowling styles, from the sedate to the more flamboyant, and, in Angela’s case,
the positively dangerous! All the lifting and stretching meant you really felt you’d exercised thoroughly by the end of play.
Out in the sunshine again we chose Mexican themed Chiquita’s from a range of restaurants and lingered
over a good meal in good company. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the outing and wanted to repeat it.
Perhaps more members and friends would like to join us for a replay, and there is room – and entertainment! – for spectators.